Grace Radio is a newly established online radio station which operates from No. 23 Potgieter Boulevard, SE – 7, Vanderbiljpark, the south of Johannesburg. We have been operating since December 2019 and even through the lockdown period. We have grown tremendously in our listenership throughout the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa. These are some of the provinces where most of our listeners are based. We broadcast both Christian and circular content, we also have talk shows, cutting edge news and we play local and international music.

Our footprint reaches locally, provincial, nationally and internationally. We are able to create and present unique programs that appeal to many listeners’ interests and desires.


Our vision as Grace Radio is to encourage innovation and development, as we strive to be unique. As Grace Radio, we produce unique radio content which is challenging cultural and socio-economic boundaries and cannot be heard on any other radio station. Grace Radio also strives to deliver the highest quality training and skills development program to its presenters, partners and listeners. Our vision is to provide international, national and local information, news and debates which reflect the concerns of various societies. Grace Radio’s vision is to provide programming in other languages for local communities where English is not their first language.

Our vision is to produce content that cut across various cultural, racial and political boundaries.


Grace Radio’s mission is to provide high quality radio programs which educate, entertains and spreads valid, relevant, reliable information to its

listeners about current issues that concerns them. Grace Radio’s mission is to support artists from all spheres of life and encourages diverse musical genres. Although Grace Radio is an international radio, our mission is to be inclusive in the manner that we also promote local, cultural and community events in whole of South Africa where Grace Radio is able to reach listeners in both urban and rural areas.




Grace radio strives to: -

  • Broadcast high quality, unique radio programs.
  • Encourage innovation in the media production and presentation of its programs.
  • Maximize the use of technology utilization and sustainable resources.
  • Build co-operation and create networks with other service providers in the broadcasting environment.
  • To encourage and provide a platform for young male and female presenters and newsreaders to grow and develop their different talents.




Grace Radio programs are structured in a way that will help presenters and the organization to gain competitive advantage and stand unique in its programs. We aim to develop presenter’s skills by helping and assisting them to research their topics using independent strategies and also establishing support mechanisms based on the content of their shows to enable them to present newsworthy information to the listeners. Grace Radio programs are designed to provide opportunities for both presenters and listeners to engage in relevant topics on each show segment and to learn from one another. Recently Grace Radio has established an online TV channel on YouTube called Graceradio TV, where we also report news and other events that are happening around different communities.




  • It is commonly said that a business that does not advertise is as good as dead. Grace Radio gives an unparalleled platform to advertise your products to reach a greater market and to inform the listeners about the advertiser / marketer services.
  • We offer very reasonable and competitive rates cuts to our advertisers (see list of rate cuts attached hereto).
  • Grace Radio is constantly growing and this offers an opportunity to advertisers to reach more market share.
  • The present trend is that some types of media such as newspapers and magazines will soon be out of print. It is now more advisable to advertise on media such as television (TV) and radio.



More advertisers are moving to digital media advertising. Grace Radio’s footprint covers a white spectrum throughout the whole of South Africa and around the world.
Grace Radio is an important platform that allows communication between the market and/or its customers.

Grace Radio as online radio station requires network data bundles for listeners to tune in on all the shows, listeners can tune in on different shows by either using the link http://ndstream.net/graceradio/pc.htm or by downloading our app on Google play which can charge less data than using the stream link, our listeners can also find Grace Radio on Radio Box mobile app under South Africa then click Gauteng and lastly click Vanderbiljpark.

Grace Radio comprises 30 shows with 20 presenters and 6 news readers (reading English and Sesotho as domain languages). Grace Radio comprises of 3 management levels with 3 music compilers who are also presenters.

Grace Radio furthermore engages with its listeners using social media platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter and instagram. The social media platforms has brought many listeners who are tuning and engaging with presenters on-air by sending text messages and voice notes.